MOTHERHOOD | Mother's Day

MOTHERHOOD | Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2018. 

My first with 2 little girls who look up to me to guide them through life.

While for most Mother's Day is a day to celebrate and dote on mums, for me it is so much more. It is a day for me to reflect on myself as a mother and to celebrate my girls who gave me the opportunity to take on this incredible role. 

Motherhood is seriously the toughest and most amazing journey I have ever been on. There are days where you feel like wonder woman and then there are days that break you and make you feel like a failure. 

Why is it that we put so much pressure on ourselves? When all our little ones want is someone to wipe away the tears, someone to fix their sores, someone to kiss them goodnight and tell them they love them. 

They don't care that the washing hasnt been put away or that the bench is messy. They dont care that your in the same activewear as the day before and you havent put make up on. They love you for who you are, they love to spend time with you, not watching you from afar and the love that you love them unconditionally just as they do you. 

So as I embark on another year of motherhood, I want to try and let go of someone the pressure I put on myself. When i begin to feel overwhelmed on how much stuff I have to get done, I want to remind myself that the chores will be there tomorrow, but I will never have this day with my little girls again. 


Cassie Allyse x x 


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