Ever feel like you have worked so hard for something and then all of a sudden the motivation and connection is just not there anymore?

Well thats how I felt towards The Frow Boutique. Since becoming a mum, my love of fashion has definitely not changed, but my style has. I no longer long to have the latest looks form the runway, its all about looking and feeling my best whilst being able to chase after a toddler and care for my newborn. Over the past few months I started to feel a major disconnect between who I am and the direction my business was going, so I took and step back and focused on finding not only myself but my drive and passion and it was during this time Finding Allyse came to fruition. 

Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world and I found myself constantly feeling lazy, unmotivated and not happy with who I had become.
Once I realised that instead of throwing on activewear every day (don't get me wrong I LOVE activewear and it will continue to be a massive part of my wardrobe!) and taking the time of a morning for myself by doing my hair and make-up and putting on a stylish (but totally toddler chasing friendly!) outfit I felt like a whole new person. I had motivation to leave the house and achieved so much more in a day.

So, as I continue to try and be the best mum I can be to my two little babes, Piper Allyse and Frankie Allyse, I'm ready to take on this challenge of making beautiful mums feel good about themselves. 

Cassie Allyse x x 

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